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Our aptitude assessment helps you:

Discover your strengths so you can take the next step with confidence and direction!

Find a college major or career you will excel in and enjoy!

Avoid wasting money by changing your major!

3 reasons to work with True Compass

1. Discover your natural strengths

Sample Bar Chart from aptitude assessment

True Compass utilizes The Highlands Ability Battery, which is the gold standard for objectively identifying natural abilities and talents. This assessment is unlike anything you’ve taken before. It does not rely on your subjective answers about how you solve problems or interact with others. It relies on objective data from 19 different work samples.

Most surveys and assessments are subjective rather than objective; this means that you must answer questions about yourself rather than having a test that provides answers for you. The results of your Highlands assessment will be priceless when it comes to overall life satisfaction and direction. True Compass recognized the need and demand for this service in the Wichita area. We want to save families time and money as they no longer have to travel out of state to cities such as Dallas or Chicago to receive this valuable service.

2. Narrow down a major or career choice



Our assessment helps you clarify what type of work best expresses who you are and where you are a fit; it allows you to clearly state roles in which you are most productive and effective and that you find most satisfying.

The Highlands Ability Battery provides suggested careers based on your natural strengths.  Your True Compass consultant will help you narrow this list by exploring interests, personality and values.

3. Avoid wasting money by changing your college major


An estimated 80 percent of college students in the U.S. change their majors before graduation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.  This decision can cost a student significant time and money.  The research shows that between the extra tuition costs and lost income from delaying a career, changing a major can cost students approximately $40,000.

True Compass equips you before you have to make those important college major or career decisions. Imagine spending money on credits that don’t align with the right career choice.  Early career planning reduces the anxiety and expense related to changing majors.

Our assessment package costs less than one college course at a local University!

Cori K.

"I can't express how much True Compass has helped us.  My nephew, now has more confidence about his future and what he can accomplish.  The staff was kind, and professional.  Couldn't ask for a better experience!"

Shelley J.

"I have two kids who were assessed through True Compass. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! The experience was professional, thorough and amazingly accurate.  Truly a help as my kids start thinking about college and their majors.  After our meeting with Robyn both kids felt inspired and energized by the depth of the information!  It truly helped them find their natural strengths and how they can use them in a career.  As a parent, I felt relieved that their true abilities were focused on and career options explored that can lead to their lifelong happiness!  I wouldn’t want them to go to college without this information.  Thank you True Compass!"

Lisa S.

"As an adult considering my next stage of life, I was excited to hear about True Compass' career exploration opportunity.  I took the battery of tests at home on my own time.  Then I met with my True Compass consultant, who reviewed the results.  She was exceptionally positive, genuinely caring and engaging as she explained the entire battery.  I loved the focus of making my life more fulfilling either by continuing onto a new career or staying at a current position and engaging my natural talents to their fullest.  I was amazed at the binder of feedback providing test results, career options and hope for a happy future.  This was such an enlightening experience!"

Jeannie C.

"We came into the assessment stressed with no direction as to what is the best route for her, but now, we have a peace of mind and know what my daughter should do or major in after high school. The discussions with Kristi  helped us see things clearer and made sense."

Niki G.

"This assessment helped me learn about the areas he is naturally good at and how this relates to choosing a career, and how his personality & interests tie in to and relate to his strengths. "

Julie C.

"Learning the results of the assessment gave my daughter the confidence to continue the direction she was headed.  It gave me some clarity and patience to allow her to follow the path she is on.  

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