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You have the answer for your life’s work inside you. But like everyone, you need help to really see yourself. The True Compass assessment package is an investment in your future and your career and your first step to renewed job satisfaction.

Are you considering a career change?

Are you wondering if you should change your role at work?

Are you ready to re-enter the workforce?

Are you seeking to improve your leadership style?

Are you concerned you may be in the wrong career?

Are you nearing retirement and wondering what’s next?


Our career aptitude assessment focuses on your abilities, talents, organizational style, and personality. We use the test results, along with your interests and goals to achieve greater career satisfaction.

What are Aptitudes?

Aptitudes are your natural abilities.  Aptitudes are not your personality traits, desires, or knowledge. Each individual is created with a unique set of abilities that can facilitate joy through work, happiness in relationships, and confidence through self-awareness.  By positioning yourself so that your abilities will be highlighted, you will find a greater satisfaction in life. True Compass can help you by guiding you through a discovery process to reveal how you are hard-wired for success.