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One of the many advantages of an aptitude assessment is to identify your child’s learning style and find practical study strategies.  When your student understands how they learn best, they are able to create efficient study habits.  Their self-confidence increases and stress and frustration decrease.  As a result, grades and overall productivity improve. True Compass…

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Is Your Child Struggling to Choose a Major?

It’s no wonder! We are asking our children to make this decision with very little information or experience.  It can be stressful and students might feel pressure to make a choice before they’re ready. True Compass is here to help. Our aptitude assessment empowers students with knowledge of their strengths and abilities and aligns that…

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What’s Your Personality Type?

The Myers Briggs Preferences Judging vs Perceiving Are you a planner/decider? Or do you prefer to keep your options open? Do you feel more comfortable when decisions are made, or do you like to keep plans to a minimum so you can respond to what might come up? Are you so focused on the goal…

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Choosing a Major

The average person spends more than 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work, according to Business Insider.  Where will you choose to spend your 90,000 hours?  Don’t make one of your life’s biggest decisions without some self-discovery first. Career planning must be a priority.  One of our greatest obligations to youth should be to prepare them…

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My personal experience with Aptitude Assessment

Sample Bar Chart from aptitude assessment

We all want our kids to live happy fulfilling lives.    But how do we help them find their purpose, choose a career?  I wanted to give my boys some direction so I sought out aptitude assessment for them.  I walked out of our aptitude assessments with a new understanding of how my son’s are…

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What are the Advantages of an Aptitude Assessment for my Child?


Put Your Student Ahead of the Game with Aptitude Assessment Help your student gain motivation and control over their future.  Your child is likely lacking experiences to identify their true strengths on their own.  An aptitude assessment will identify their innate talents; those things they were born to do well.  The results will provide your…

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