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How it works:

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Client completes online assessments at their own pace including:

  • Highlands Ability Battery
  • Interest Inventory
  • Personality Assessment
  • Values Assessment
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Clients (and parents) meet with a True Compass consultant:

  • In person review of results
  • Custom list of best-fit careers
  • Description of strengths and natural abilities
  • Action plan with next steps


True Compass utilizes The Highlands Ability Battery, which is the gold standard for objectively identifying natural abilities and talents. Most surveys and assessments are subjective rather than objective; this means that you must answer questions about yourself rather than having a test that provides answers for you.  The Highlands Ability Battery is a state-of-the-art assessment tool that delivers an objective test of nineteen separate abilities, each measured by a time-tested work sample.  The results of your Highlands assessment will be priceless when it comes to overall life satisfaction and direction.


The process includes:

  • Three-hour online assessment, which is divided into 19 timed work-sample segments, that can be completed in one sitting or spaced out according to your time availability


  • Two-hour follow-up consultation with a True Compass consultant to review your assessment results and set forth clear goals as well as action steps


  • Comprehensive reports that explain the battery results and gives you lifetime access to an information-rich database of educational career matches that connect with your abilities.