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Our Assessment Process


At True Compass, we adopt the Whole Person Model. It’s not just understanding each individual piece of the model, it’s examining and integrating all of the pieces at the same time. This thorough, self-discovery process is aimed at empowering you with self-awareness and encouraging you to live your best life.


 “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

John F. Kennedy


Assessing Your Abilities Natural talents

This is how you’re hardwired. These are the things you naturally do well – your inborn gifts. If you work against them, work becomes labor. If you work with them, everything is easier and more fun. True Compass utilizes the Highlands Ability Battery, which a state-of-the-art assessment tool that delivers an objective test of nineteen separate abilities, each measured by a time-tested worksample. The results of your aptitude assessment will be priceless when it comes to overall life satisfaction and direction.

Analyzing Your Skills What you learn how to do

Skills are developed and learned at any point in your life. Skills are those tasks you have learned to do well. They develop over time through study, education, application, and practice. The skills you develop add to your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Knowing Your Interests What fascinates you, what are you drawn toward, what are you passionate about?

This often-neglected factor acts as the source of your most important creative energy. Follow your passions.

Understanding Your Personal Style How you interact with other people

How do you relate and respond to ideas and people? Every individual has developed speech patterns, body language, social devices, and personality traits unique to him or herself. Accurately identifying your personal style means that you can work more productively, expend less energy, and experience less stress.

Your Family of Origin Where you get your first ideas about “work”

Some of the most fundamental concepts you take into adult life develop in the family in which you grow up. Don’t think about the problems within your family, but how each person looked at the world. What role did each play? How were decisions made? How was stress managed?

Relating to Your Values What you hold most dear in life, what’s important to you

Your values (i.e., scales for judging good and evil, wise and foolish, moral and immoral) define your reactions to people and events around you. Your values give your life an overall sense of direction and purpose. More and more, we are associating values with character. Do you live out your values?

Reaching Your Goals Internalized drives that make all of us go

What you want to do in life. What you want to accomplish. Goals point you in the right direction and help you determine when you’ve arrived. Many people find out with a shock that they have been pursuing someone else’s goals – too late.





  • Aptitude Battery 


  • Interest inventory 


  • Values profile 


  • Color Vision Screening in office 


  • Manual Dexterity aptitude tests in office 


  • Learning styles and strategies report 


  • Personalized Career Exploration Report 


  • Lifetime access to reports (including Career Exploration, Work Types, Leadership) 


  • Comprehensive Report Interpretation - 2 hours with a True Compass consultant to review your assessment results and set forth clear goals as well as action steps (In-person meetings are preferred for local residents. However, phone and Skype meetings are available.) 


  • Custom list of best-fit career paths for the client to research and explore